Posted by: futrzak | 3 July 2022

Zyski niewielu kończą się rzezią milionów. Zawsze.

Militarna produkcja Rosji jest całkowicie zależna od niemieckich firm i bardzo prawdopodobnym jest, że mogłyby one zatrzymać linie produkcyjne już, od zaraz, a nawet jeśli nie natychmiastowo, to zerwanie współpracy i wycofanie się z Rosji zaskutkowałoby tym samym, ale zajęło więcej czasu.

Pomyślcie, ile ludzkich istnień możnaby uratować, ilu tragediom zapobiec, gdyby tylko pazerni kapitaliści łaskawie zgodzili się ograniczyć swoje zyski.
No ale to tak nie działa – liczą się tylko zyski.

Inny przykład sprzed kilku dni: Erdogan zgodził się na przyjecie do NATO Szwecji i Finlandii. Co przehandlowano wzamian? Kurdów. UE ma się nie wtrącać do rzezi Kurdów, jaką urządza Erdogan.



  1. Nie interesuje sie za bardzo, ale tam casualties juz poszly w miliony? To grubo sie piora…

  2. @nuccio:

    Jak narazie to liczba zabitych w wyniku bezpośrednich dzialan wojennych nie zbliza się do miliona.
    Natomiast jesli konflikt potrwa jeszcze parę miesięcy, to spokojnie dojdzie do miliona ofiar – ale z głodu, w Afryce :(

  3. A co w Urugwaju o tym mówią.
    Jest jakieś zainteresowanie umową rządu z kapitalistami z Pfizera?

  4. Mówią mniej więcej to:
    (tłumaczenie na szybkiego z–uc826485 dosc rozsądnej i wiarygodnej gazety, z pewnymi terminami prawnymi mialam problemy, w tekscie zaznaczone znakami zapytania ):

    Civil Judge Alejandro Recarey is currently in the center of the public debate due to the decision he made to demand information from the government to make various aspects of the vaccines against covid-19 transparent.

    Recarey usually works as a head of Civil Court of 9th (circut). It was his turn as a substitute judge in Administrative Litigation to force the government and Pfizer to provide key information on vaccines within 48 hours.
    The appeal for protection (? amparo) that gave rise to the court ruling was aimed at suspending the administration of the drug to children. The consultations carried out by the judge —from the purchase contracts and their clauses, to the composition of the vaccines and their implications— have as their purpose the “provisionary instructions” (? “instrucción probatoria”), Recarey states in the resolution.

    Those who deal with him in his daily life describe him as a judge with a special “sense of justice.” When he has to resolve lawsuits against the State, they say, “he goes ahead.” In particular, in claims for expensive drugs, he has ruled in many cases to condemn the different agencies to grant the drug to the patient.

    In fact, one of the most recent notorious episodes starring Recarey was a confrontation with the former Minister of Health, Jorge Basso.
    In August 2019 Basso failed to comply with a sentence issued by Recarey regarding the purchase of a drug and did not attend a hearing called by the judge. Given the attitude of then minister, Recarey criminally denounced him for contempt. A month later, Basso had to attend the Flagrancia Prosecutor’s Office to testify as a defendant and give explanations.

    On that occasion, he said during one of the hearings that it was a “shame” that the MSP authorities had wanted to talk to him outside, suggesting that they had wanted to pressure him.

    Several years ago, Recarey was also in the middle of a controversy. In 2003, during the presidency of Jorge Batlle, Recarey replaced the criminal judge Eduardo Cavalli, who was investigating where the remains of the anarchist militant Elena Quinteros were.
    In November of that year, Recarey ordered that “any type of work” be stopped that would alter the premises of the 13th Infantry Battalion and requested information from various ministries about movements carried out there during the dictatorship. He also ordered the closure of borders for three soldiers whom he had summoned to testify and ordered the police to take them to answer their questions. Given the non-compliance of the police authorities, Recarey demanded answers from the Ministry of the Interior.

    The government at that time filed appeals based on the Expiration Law, to which Recarey accused it of failing to investigate the disappearances. In response, the Executive requested the annulment of everything taken by Recarey in said file, which was granted by a court.

    Some time later, Recarey was transferred from the criminal to the civil court.


    During the health emergency, Judge Recarey refused to hold the hearings by videoconference, and despite the provisions of the Judiciary, he maintained these face-to-face instances.

    In a resolution dated April 20, 2021, Recarey argued that holding the hearings virtually was “inconvenient” for several reasons.
    “It undermines at least two basic principles of the oral trial (immediacy and direction of the process). And also, because it does not present complete security guarantees”, says the document.

    On the other hand, Recarey remained reluctant to wear a mask in the hearings, according to lawyers Montevideo Portal talked to, although in these he clarified that if someone required it for health reasons he was willing to put it on.

    Asked about his position on the pandemic and if he has been vaccinated, Recarey responded to Montevideo Portal that it is “personal data” and declined to comment on it.

    Recarey’s latest ruling was celebrated by Gustavo Salle, who has championed against vaccines and government provisions to prevent coronavirus infections.

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